The flip side of a lax college…

In response to Daily Post’s writing prompt: (YAWN)

Boredom is what I’m going through this semester.

People cry, because they have long weeks. Every Friday evening is seen as Christmas, for all they care. And all they want in life is a life where they don’t have to work and can do whatever they want.

I seem to have got their prayers manifested in my life, because that’s what I have this semester. I have a 3 day week. Yes, you read that right, it’s not a typo.  Continue reading


The story not worth telling

(Reply to Daily Post’s prompt: 1984.)

That’s a pretty big secret to reveal to the world, your greatest fear. Giving someone that kind of power over you….may not be the best thing (ironically, writing this post itself would come under one of my fears; the fear of revealing fear. But it’s not my greatest fear).
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Shmobia shmashing!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Phobia, Shmobia.”

There’s this fear that is rampant among the youth in India, and I was not spared of it. Every time I was given a choice to do something, I would always, always, wait to see what the majority of the people would do, and then do that.

I had a perpetual fear of being unconventional.

There were a couple of reasons to it. Continue reading


Guides of the forest

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Game of Groans.”

Imagine a forest. An absolutely huge forest. You are standing somewhere in the middle of it, and are bamboozled by how to navigate and go to the other end. Imagine how awesome it would be, if the trees in the forest could tell you which is the best to take to get to through?

If you think so, you should definitely move to India. The forest here is our life, and the trees are the people in our life. Every kid in the country will get inputs from every single tree in the forest on what’s the best way to navigate life! We don’t have to do anything, these trees roll out a red carpet for us!

It doesn’t matter that it may not be the path that we want. It doesn’t matter if the path is completely unsuitable for us. If the trees of the forest itself are telling you, you better take it. Take that path and sail through the forest! Amazing, no?

(Sarcasm overload.)

Forest Pathway Wallpaper (3)

“This is the path you should take, child!”