No time for lengthy workouts? Try this!

Life can be fast. Very fast. And sometimes, fitness can take 2nd priority. Or 3rd. Or 4th. Or it may completely fall off.

But hey! You still want to be fit right? You want that hot bod that will make the opposite sex swoon. Well, honestly, I can’t promise a hot bod without any sacrifice at all, but I can promise you a healthy, fit look if you follow what I’m about to tell you.

  • Step 1- Stop all sugar.

Health is made in the kitchen. But if you can’t spend hours cooking healthy food and have to depend on takeouts more often than not, this will go a long way in helping you cut fat.

Sugar that we consume these days is all processed sugar that does nothing but drastically increase insulin levels in the body. And insulin, triggers fat deposition. It’s simple math; stop sugar and you will stop unwanted fat deposition in your mid-section (hey that rhymed!).

  • Step 2- Fruits!

It’s hard to eat vegetables raw. But all fruits are eaten raw. Have a banana while travelling, an orange while taking a break at work, a glass of mixed fruit juice on your way back home. Fruits have natural sugars that will keep your insulin in control, and it keeps your stomach full so you won’t be tempted to eat another candy bar or that packet of chips.

  • Step 4- Water, my friend.

Drink 3 litres of water in a day. Period.

Why? It keeps you full. It increases metabolism. It regulates body temperature. It regulates ion concentration in your body that will eventually keep you fit enough to work, play and whatever else it is that you want to do.

  • Step 5- Try this.

This is a exercise routine that I always do when I’m travelling, or am pressed for time. It takes exactly 10 minutes (including warm up and cool down). Give it a shot, and come back and tell me if you don’t find it effective.


It’s not a replacement for a proper workout, but it’ll certainly keep you in shape, these 4 steps.


A few more mistakes……and the 2 basic rules to exercise

So, after that epic fail with the 18 day abs saga, I…..DID NOT give up!

No sir. A normal person, with a normal goal of a 6 pack, and a normal desire to look really sexy would have given up. But me?

I was OBSESSED. I wanted that 6 pack at any cost. I was convinced that the 6 pack is the epitome of fitness. And I continued to work towards it.

Everyday, I would wake up 30 minutes earlier than normal, get a mat and start. Crunches. Bicycle crunches. Planks. Sit ups. High knees. All of the basic, simple exercises that every fitness guru in the world recommends. No, guarantees. Guarantees that it’ll give the 6 pack abs you want.


Nothing. Still.

Yeah, that’s what I felt.

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Why what you (yes, you) think is important to me!

First of all, I’d like to put it out there that blogging and the blogging world is absolutely amazing. You’ve got me hooked. I love the atmosphere and the people I’ve met here have been nothing but amazing. I am yet to make a real friend over here, but the acquaintances that I’ve made are certainly “acquaintances for life” (if I may).

It’s the positivity that I get out of writing and the vibes that I get from every reader that makes me feel so good. A kind word or a praise can really make someone’s day, and that’s what I get out of this. Not to mention, the feedback that I receive from my friends on each blog post. Continue reading


Guides of the forest

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Game of Groans.”

Imagine a forest. An absolutely huge forest. You are standing somewhere in the middle of it, and are bamboozled by how to navigate and go to the other end. Imagine how awesome it would be, if the trees in the forest could tell you which is the best to take to get to through?

If you think so, you should definitely move to India. The forest here is our life, and the trees are the people in our life. Every kid in the country will get inputs from every single tree in the forest on what’s the best way to navigate life! We don’t have to do anything, these trees roll out a red carpet for us!

It doesn’t matter that it may not be the path that we want. It doesn’t matter if the path is completely unsuitable for us. If the trees of the forest itself are telling you, you better take it. Take that path and sail through the forest! Amazing, no?

(Sarcasm overload.)

Forest Pathway Wallpaper (3)

“This is the path you should take, child!”