Shmobia shmashing!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Phobia, Shmobia.”

There’s this fear that is rampant among the youth in India, and I was not spared of it. Every time I was given a choice to do something, I would always, always, wait to see what the majority of the people would do, and then do that.

I had a perpetual fear of being unconventional.

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Why do I blog……???

It was a normal evening after college when me and my friend were sitting in a coffee shop talking about everything from how degraded Bollywood is to what is the meaning of life.

Suddenly, I exclaimed, “Yaar! Last month I had over 1000 views on my blog! These days I’m hardly getting 5. It’s so depressing…”

To that, she asked me a question that resulted in this blog post.

“Do you blog to get more views on your stats or because you just want to write?”

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