When I was taught CASTE SYSTEM in chemistry class!!

That is shocking. Even in the 21st century, you have things like this happening in the country!

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The whole topic of CASTE SYSTEM is very sensitive and is supposed to be dealt with care. In India and especially at this place where I live, I have found people quite castist.

I am not saying all, but yeah a huge number of people are.

I am sorry, I don’t really mean to hurt anyone but that’s the truth.And I am not just saying it but I myself have witnessed all this , in my locality and even in my home.

People here would ask you your name and trust me they won’t just be satisfied with your first name because that won’t tell them anything about your caste you see.

I experienced something really pathetic in my school days regarding the same. This happened when I was in class 11th.

My chemistry teacher had this really amazing habit of using analogy to make the…

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Shmobia shmashing!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Phobia, Shmobia.”

There’s this fear that is rampant among the youth in India, and I was not spared of it. Every time I was given a choice to do something, I would always, always, wait to see what the majority of the people would do, and then do that.

I had a perpetual fear of being unconventional.

There were a couple of reasons to it. Continue reading