Immortality beckons

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Golden Age.”

The Golden Age definitely is the age of an adolescent (maybe because I’ve just come out of that age).

There are certain reasons why I don’t want to spend eternity as Peter Pan or Old Man Dan.

1. Being a child would mean no one would take you seriously, and no matter how old (eternal) you are, you will assistance to do certain things.

2. Being an adult would mean having responsibilities that you’d rather not have.
And you’ll have to keep a check on your diet.

Being an adolescent has amazing advantages. First of which is eat what you want and still have an amazing physique.. That just beats everything else.
But that’s not all. As you grow (but not age), you get wiser. And unlike children, you do get taken seriously (sometimes, yes sometimes).

There’s another personal reason for wanting to be an adolescent forever. I didn’t spend my adolescent years in the best way possible (basically, I was an idiot). There were so many things I could do that I didn’t, and it truly would take an eternity to do all of that.

For my dreams and for my body (I’m a big fitness freak, yes), for the chance to be a rebel and still make a mark, I choose to be an adolescent forever at heart.


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